Improve Your Health With These Useful Honey Remedy Tips

Honey is amazing and there a variety of health benefits associated with it. Bees can be a man’s best friend! Here are some invaluable remedies that may be applied which has a amount of the amber nectar.

For a good night’s sleep mix a teaspoon of honey with camomile tea and drink after dinner. It will help relax one’s body and look into any kinks that could stop you from sleeping.

To improve your skin simply mix honey with tepid to warm water and smooth a little into any problem regions of the skin every evening before you go to bed. As well as easing rough, dry patches, it is also believed to slow up the aging process too.

Got a cough? Mix two tablespoons of honey with domestic hot water and the juice of an quarter lemon. The acidic lemon bites into the irritated throat, even though the hot honey mixture coats it and eases that tickly feeling. If you are an a drop of whisky, it’ll kill the germs since it is an excellent antiseptic!

Sporty? Try taking a tablespoon of honey right before any exercise or sports. It is thought to give your power levels an enhancement.

Got the hiccups? No really could banish the misery of hiccups. Take a deep breath, swallow one teaspoon of honey blended with whit wine vinegar. Count to 10, then exhale.

Finally, when you have a hangover do that to get over the worst with the pain. Take five teaspoons of honey every twenty minutes and soon you feel human again!

Obviously there are numerous honey products offered at your local supermarkets, if however possible try and buy some Manuka honey to test these remedies. It is very powerful but a bit pricey.