Sleep Training for 11 Month Old Baby

Most parent has, at sometime had issues trying to find their little ones to fall asleep in the evening. It could be frustrating when you do not know why your baby won’t settle. This may cause massive stress and cause relationship problems between parents, poor performance in the workplace as a result of extreme tiredness etc.

Tip 1# Routine

Set a bed-time routine and stick to it. We find a bath simultaneously every evening, followed by a feed then straight to bed did well. It took a while for our daughter to get accustomed to the routine, these days she knows the routine.

Tip 2# Put your baby to bed still awake

If you simply put your baby to bed when they have been fallen asleep, they’ll not learn that they need to rest while in their own bed. By ensuring they are still awake whenever you place them down, they will learn (using the routine established) this is sleep time.

Tip 3# Persistence

Never stop trying. Stick on the routine. Your baby might resist, nevertheless, you should be strong and stay in charge of the routine. Consistency and persistence will win.

Bonus Tip

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